Thursday, 25 August 2016

Spam update

In my last post, which was a while ago now (did you think I'd vanished), I explained how I had set up a new email address at my domain and was using Spam Assassin as part of the cPanel tool kit to reject the spam. This is still working and has revealed some interesting things.

There is also a Track Delivery utility within cPanel that enables me to see all the spam that's been rejected, which I've been monitoring in case any non-spam got caught. What it also shows is a plethora of attempts to piggyback my domain names as a way of sending me unwanted emails. The culprits add a name to the front of the domain name on the assumption that it will get through, choosing things like info@ domain, or contact@domain, or more bizarre things that were never going to succeed. Because I reject anything other than valid names against my domains none of these succeeded, but the quantity that is coming through is amazing.

Meanwhile BT have actually started to intercept an occasional spam mail, which never reaches my Spam Assassin trap, and therefore doesn't get rejected back to the sender.

People who indulge in this spamming really ought to get a life.

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