Tuesday, 2 August 2016

Latest instalment of Spam battle

Further to earlier posts it's now clear that the BT Mail spam blocking rules definitely do absolutely nothing. Filtering on my Mac works but equally does nothing to deter the spammers, since while the emails are automatically consigned to Spam, as far as the spammers are concerned they have been delivered, so they'll keep on sending them.

I don't like to be defeated on this sort of thing so I tried an entirely different ploy. As I have a domain that allows me to set up email accounts, I set up a new one and forwarded all the BT account mail to it. With the domain comes cPanel tools, which includes Apache SpamAssassin. I therefore set up a filter and waited to see what happened. SpamAssassin did a good job, readily identifying all the spam. Having proved this worked, I changed the filter rule such that the system discards the message and automatically sends a failure notice to the sender.

As things stand I'm not seeing any spam while if I send a normal email it gets through.

Could this be the solution?

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